Press Release: Aquarium Saves Laundry

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Client: Telford Laundry / Ripples Waterlife

Agency: PR2Go

Author: RJ Taylor

Date: Thursday 22nd July 2010

Water Way To Go! Aquarium Keeps Laundry Operations Afloat

When business literally dries up, it seems that some companies can rely on their neighbour to throw them a lifeline.

Telford Laundry’s water supply had already been disrupted across two days during a meter change. But the flow stopped completely during a meter inspection by a subcontractor for Severn Trent Water, risking serious disruption to the laundry’s titanic 24-hour operation.

A whole raft of businesses across the region depend upon Telford Laundry’s services, which itself requires 69,000 litres of water every day to process over 30 tonnes of hired linen per week.

Managing Director Paul Woodhead, said, “We service around 300 hospitality venues, some daily, others once or twice a week. The service we provide is critical to their business survival and the local economy.”

As spirits began to sink, rescue came from a convenient – if unlikely – source. Next door to Telford Laundry on the Stafford Park trading estate is none other than aquarium Ripples Waterlife.

Ripples’ Manager Marc James didn’t desert his neighbour, and arranged to draw fresh water from the aquarium’s external wash down tap into the storage tank of the laundry.

All hands were on deck to fix the problem. Paul said, “When I approached Marc, he unhesitatingly agreed to assist us. He provided the hose and even extended it to fit.”

Paul added, “Severn Trent Water responded very quickly and were on site within an hour of hearing the gravity of our problem. The workmen were quick and efficient and should be commended.”

As a result, the laundry was able to maintain a limited production capability and deliver around 10,000 items of fresh linen on hire to hotels and hospitality venues throughout Shropshire, Wales and the Black Country.

Marc James said, “We were delighted to help our neighbours Telford Laundry. Usually the only water that leaves our building is in bags with fish in. This was a unique opportunity!”

“Neighbourliness,” said Paul, “is alive and well.”

Neither company commented as to whether it plans a stock market floatation.


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